Гибискус прививка russian saint petersburg почтой по россии

CVname: Russian Saint Petersburg

Origin: Russian Federation

Mother: Russian Firebird

Color Group: Grey

Father: Yoda

Sgl/Dbl: Single Regular

Hybridizer: Kurenkova Nina

Reg/Mini: Regular

Grower: Tabuntsova Elena

Date Registered: 8/24/2015

Size Range: Medium 6-7 inches or 15-18cm

Set Seed: Seeder: Average, Ability to Root: Excellent (more than 90% takes), Performance: Own Root Recommended,

Color: Color of veining: White, Color of Spots and Splashes: None, Eye Zone Color: White, Number of Colors: five, Number of Rings of Color: four, Color of Stamen Pads: Yellow

Bloom: Form of Bloom: Flat, Bloom Features: Plain, Petal Overlap: less than 1/4, Veining: moderate, Substance: average, Duration: 1 day, Presentation: Lateral to upward, Eye Zone Size: medium

Leaf: Leaf Size: Large — greater than 5 inches or 13cm long, Leaf Appearance: Matte,

Bush: Bush Development: Average Grower, Bush Size: Medium 3-6ft 90-180cm, Bush Width: 1/2 as wide as high, Bush Form: Normal shaped,

Photo Credit: Tabuntsova Elena Copyright 2015 

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